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Smartest Choices for the best of Google Ads

Smartest Choices for the best of Google Ads

More important than the number of pages, however, is the quality of content that Google has been emphasizing for years. It is also important to consider the punitive nature of duplicate content. If you increase the number of your pages by copying the same content to different pages, you will actually reduce your search engine accessibility. Now that felix wenzel is the google ads specialist you can have the best deals open now.

No need to optimize images

Google doesn’t see images, so utilizing image alt text and file names is the only way to utilize images in your search engine optimization. Existing sites are heavily used for images and therefore it is a good idea to place a keyword in the image information to support the theme of the site. It’s also important to note that Google only supports the BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WebP, and SVG file formats. Image Search Engine Optimization also helps images to be found in Google image search, which can improve site discovery.

User experience doesn’t matter

Google has also improved its algorithms to measure site user experience, and user experience is now more relevant than ever. The user experience rating is based on e.g. time spent on the site, a number of pages viewed, and statistics on which pages are of interest to users. Recently, one of the important criteria has become the loading time of the site, which also affects the user experience. Nowadays, a one-page visit is considered an immediate bounce, so using a so-called one-page site template is not profitable for optimization purposes.

The mobile accessibility of the site does not matter

In the spring of 2015, Google released a mobile algorithm update that prioritized mobile-friendly sites in search results. Google’s popularity is based on user-friendliness, and so this was another way to improve the user experience. Webpages that are not scalable to mobile devices according to Google’s rules will suffer from a loss of ranking due to an algorithmic update.

Local Search Engine Optimization is no longer important

With the proliferation of mobile devices, Google has been able to build numerous new location-related metrics. According to research, people “google” service providers before visiting a brick-and-mortar store, so search engine accessibility also matters locally whether you’re a local operator or a multi-outlet chain. It’s also a good idea to make sure that the information in your free Google MyBusiness account is up to date.

An HTTPS connection is irrelevant for search engine optimization

In August 2014, Google announced its preference for https format websites. In January 2017, Google began tagging sites with http addresses in the Chrome browser as unreliable search results. Chrome was also followed by Firefox and later Internet Explorer. Not only will SSL certification, the secure HTTPS connection, help to make your site discoverable, it will also make your search results more attractive.

Using pop-up windows always damages Google’s visibility

In August 2016, Google announced that it would punish the use of distracting pop-ups. By interfering, they mean pop-up windows that significantly degrade the site experience, take up a significant portion of the mobile view, for example, and do not provide an easy way to close the window if they so wish. However, Google does not penalize the use of any kind of pop-up window. So if you want to use pop-up windows on your site, please read Google’s help.