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Taxi Service at Schiphol

Taxi Service at Schiphol

The deregulation of passenger transportation laws has resulted in a reduction in average taxi quality. We’ve discovered a strong desire for convenient, trustworthy transportation at a fair cost. As a result, they strive to deliver a superior product. Simplicity, efficiency, and dependability are their basic values, with a focus on technological innovation. Schiphol Travel Cab was established in the 1930s as a taxi service. We’ve grown from one-car, one-driver taxi service to a well-established taxi service with over 500 vehicles and 600 drivers.

Individual passenger transportation is the route’s most expensive and exclusive means of transit, and it should be treated as such. Through their constant interactions with consumers, they seek to translate the needs of varied travellers into various perks and features that bring added value to them.

The taxi Schiphol strives to be the best individual passenger transportation service in the Schiphol-Amsterdam region. In general, people demand a Mercedes Benz, a punctual cab, and a pleasant driver. Schiphol Taxi is considered the minimum criteria, so they can go above and above in terms of personal care.

The Schiphol Taxi fleet comprises 96 white Tesla electric taxis that travel in a carbon-neutral manner. Their electric taxis are not only eco-friendly but also quiet and convenient, making travel a pleasurable experience. The passenger has access to the Cantab, a smartphone. This tablet contains several extra capabilities that can be used throughout the cab ride. The 10-inch tablet will have information about the route and the destination and entertainment alternatives such as news, sports, movies, and games. During the ride, the passenger can check their exact location and monitor the course to their eventual destination. The customer can also rate the driver on the iPad.

Although the Tesla Model S has the appearance of a high-end sports vehicle, both trunks have ample space for luggage. Environmental awareness and high-quality transportation are increasingly synonymous! Furthermore, they only charge their cabs with renewable energy, making them completely emission-free.

Service has been a major priority at Schiphol Taxi for several years.

To add to this strength, the TX quality label, the Netherlands’ national quality certification for taxi transportation, guarantees the quality of all of their cars and drivers. Schiphol Taxi is also certified according to ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) (environmental approval mark).

One of the ways their service guarantee manifests itself is in the way Schiphol Taxi addresses complaints. Any inquiry is, of course, one too many. In the odd event that one develops, they shall evaluate it and respond under the general terms and conditions of the Royal Dutch Transport Federation for Taxis. Furthermore, their environmental management framework creates corporate principles that are constantly environmentally conscious.

Schiphol Business Taxi is a taxi service that provides transportation to and from Schiphol.

Every Schiphol Business Taxi vehicle is a comfortable and luxury vehicle driven by a trained and experienced driver, including the all-electric “green” option. They will pick you up from any location and drop you off at Schiphol airport’s departure hall at any time, seven days a week. There is no waiting time if reservations are booked up to 4 hours before departure. Except for Schiphol Airport, your journey will begin at any location in the Netherlands* and terminate at any regional airport. There are also premium minivans with privacy glass that can accommodate up to 8 people. Their passengers have access to free Wi-Fi in all of their minivans and electric vehicles. Facilities such as check-in help or accompanying and transportation from or to the entry may provide additional personal attention.