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Best Time to get a tummy tuck surgery

Nowadays, every female desires an ideal body shape after pregnancy. For this, they try different things like join the gym, control diet and consume supplements. Some females prefer to undergo ‘tummy tuck’ surgery to get the desired body shape. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the best time to get a tummy tuck surgery in detail.

Tummy tuck surgery is called Abdominoplasty. This is explained as reconstructive or cosmetic surgery. This surgery is mainly used by the people to tighten their muscles which have become loose due to pregnancy or to eradicate excess fat and excess loose skin from the abdomen.

In several cases, an abdominoplasty will:

  • help to palliate the pain
  • improves the function of the bladder
  • restore the separated or weakened muscles
  • change the tone and shape of the abdomen
  • minimizing the itching and skin infections caused by excess skin
  • enhances the appearance of the patients.

Abdominoplasty is not meant for reducing weight. Plastic surgeon performs this surgery to remove the excess fat from your tummy. This surgery is performed only when the other alternatives does not give the desired results.

Abdominoplasty Eligible candidates should be:-

  • Have healthy expectations of the surgery
  • Droopy and loose skin around the abdomen
  • Good general health
  • Able to manage the consequences with a properly balanced diet and regular exercise
  • Excess weight in the midsection

candidates should not:

  • Planning to conceive a baby
  • Smoke
  • Drink alcohol
  • Have any other serious disease like cancer
  • Those who plan to lose a significant amount of weight

Best Time to get a tummy tuck surgery

1.You Are Close to Your Ideal Weight:-

A tummy tuck is not a substitute for weight loss. It is the cosmetic procedure helps to tighten the muscles and eradicates the excess fat or small pockets of fat deposits from the body which can not be eliminated by the exercise and diet. Patients who want to lose a large amount of weight then they should do so by joining the gym, perform regular exercise and follow the diet regime instead of going for tummy tuck procedure.

2. After pregnancy:-

However, this procedure is safe before pregnancy. But some surgeon recommends that females should wait until they have their children because after pregnancy it is common that females gain weight and the skin and muscles on the abdomen get to stretch. So if you undergo this surgery after pregnancy then you are going to observe effective and desired results.’

Your current medical status and abdominoplasty:-

If you want to have an abdominoplasty, then you need to discuss the present medical status with your surgeon, which includes:-

1. Your old medical history which includes:-

  • immunizations
  • illnesses
  • any serious disorders
  • surgeries

2. Current physical status, which will include:-

  • diet plan
  • exercise regime.
  • Medications you use to treat other issues like diabetes and thyroid
  • any sort of allergies

Before you undergo this surgery, the surgeon is going to check your:-

  • blood pressure
  • temperature
  • heart rhythm
  • oxygen saturation
  • respiratory rate

If you are also planning to undergo this surgery, then you must choose the best surgeon and clinic as well. So that you can acquire the best results.