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You should never say these things to a Vitiligo patient

Vitiligo is a very common skin problem in which people lose skin color in patches which can be all over the body or certain body parts. This condition is not life-threatening but the results can vary from person to person. In this guide, we are going to tell you certain things which should not be said to a vitiligo patient.


Vitiligo is a skin disorder in which the skin areas start losing its color and color depends on the melanin production. People with vitiligo have cells that produce melanin that either die or stop functioning. The problem is more noticeable in people with darker skin. 

When you consult the best vitiligo doctor, he will make you understand which vitiligo treatment is best for you to solve the problem. 

However, people are often bullied because of the way they look. But, at times people are not even trying to insult them but how they say things can hurt them. We spoke to our patients to find out what type of comments should never be made to people with vitiligo condition. 

  • Never ask if I can get the problem

People often ask vitiligo patients whether they catch vitiligo. It signals people that their skin is less desirable as compared to others. A sudden change in the skin can make people wonder what is wrong with them. Saying such things won’t show you are concerned about them. The people with vitiligo are not different from others, it’s just their skin is functioning differently from inside. 

  • Don’t recommend the product that can fix their skin

You might be showing concern but this is the most unhelpful comment for vitiligo patients. Referring to them a product that can cover their skin so that the condition becomes less noticeable can be very hurtful for them. People with vitiligo who show their skin can take a lot of courage and when they get to listen to such comments it can make them feel they are ugly or different from others. 

At times, people can start using tons of layers so that no one can make such comments next time. But, eventually, with time when people around them will be helpful and encourage them, it can make a lot of difference in their thinking. 

  • Never tell them their skin is imperfect

This is the most obvious comment which others can make but it is not helpful in any manner. You must never tell them their skin is imperfect or there is something different their skin looks like from others. 

The skin might look different but that does not mean it is imperfect. It is already difficult for them to deal with such situations, so you should not make such comments to vitiligo patients. 

  • Do not mention newly visible spots

The changes with the skin do not happen overnight. The body starts losing pigment from the skin which makes it lose its color. Comments like these are not helpful in any manner. 

People make such comments because they are not aware of the condition. Instead of judging them you should understand the problem and support them. The condition is not painful nor it will spread, it’s just the body is not functioning normally. For more information, you can talk to the doctor because he can guide you in detail about the treatment.