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Write a short and sweet article with an interesting story

Write a short and sweet article with an interesting story

Good technique and good content are the two required things for writing an article, if a person writes something on the internet there is a lot of noise against his content, though at present so many people write articles and post it on the internet. Creating good content is easy as every human being has different thoughts and various ideas to express, but many of the article writers are not able to find the interesting thoughts that occur in the mind but writing an article with a good technique is not that much easy and it is one of the main reason for the success or failure of an article. เขียนบทความ refers to writing articles.

A worthless article drops flat but a good article can change the thoughts, minds of the article and demands a good name, some rules need to be followed while writing an article,

Write short paragraphs:

Generally speaking a short article with a lot of messages reach the people easily, so short every idea, every one of us gets bored when we read a long paragraph, before writing an article try to read some good articles of some famous actors that will help you to find a way of conveying a message, the author’s way of writing, words usage and his examples, techniques this all helps a new article writer to write a perfect article.

Short paragraphs are very easy to write but you need to give all your thoughts in that small paragraph that may seem to be a difficult job. If the paragraphs are short it attracts the readers and drags them to read other paragraphs, giving space among ideas helps the readers to think of that particular idea and a writer needs to put a word with unfilled spaces similar to the breath among spoken ideas.

Writing short paragraphs doesn’t mean that you need to write by omitting your style, write the article stylishly and beautifully. Don’t make any kind of spelling or any other mistakes which may spoil the value of your article. Short refers to strong so the article you write is a strong one, your words are not cheap or simple but are potent.

Short introduction:

Don’t give a big opening section at the start of an article, it is a huge obstacle for the entry, it may spoil the interest of the reader. Write a short and punchy opening paragraph, a one or two-sentence opening paragraph is much better, prove your readers that you are not going to bore them rather you are going to take their time as a valuable one.

Try to tell the story:

It is common truth about humankind is everyone loves stories, people always love to hear or read stories and one of the finest way to drag the readers to read your article is telling the story, try to capture the attention of the readers by giving an example like real-life stories because stories are the brilliant methods to open an article, and try to avoid dry text because nobody is going to read an article which doesn’t have any interesting ideas. So write a short and sweet article to attract your readers.