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Types of Teeth And Their Function

Types of Teeth And Their Function

Teeth are the main part of the mouth, that are useful to chewing and grinding the teeth. In case, you are suffering from dental problems, you must visit the dental clinic. Your dentist only treats you well and give you the right treatment option. In this article, you will learn types of teeth and their function.

The Development of Teeth

Basically, People have two sets of teeth such as primary and permanent. Primary teeth are known as baby teeth whereas permanent teeth are known as grown-up or adult teeth. No doubt the development time of both sets are different but the development process is similar. 

The development process of teeth-:

  • According to the dentist, the top molar and right molar teeth are grown at the same time.
  • The baby’s first teeth are developed at six months, and the crown of the teeth develops first and then tooth forms. 
  • Babies who are their 3s and 6 develop 20 teeth, but when they are at their 12 they start losing teeth after that permanent teeth start developing. 
  • Permanent or adult teeth start developing at the age of 12 or 13 and they have 32 in numbers. 

The Parts of the Tooth

Well, there are two basic parts of teeth such as the crown and the root. Crown explained as the visible white part of the tooth, whereas you cannot see the root. But if you experience any problem in roots then must visit the dental clinic, your dentist will see it through x-ray. 

Moreover, your teeth contain four components that are explained below-:


Enamel is useful to cover the crown and it is harder than bone. This enamel is made up of calcium, phosphorus, and hydroxyapatite, phosphorous, and calcium.


This is similar to bone and you can find it below the enamel. This is not as hard as the enamel that’s why this experience problems more frequently. 


This component or tissue covers the root completely and too soft in touch. It has yellow color and covered by bone & gums as well. 


This contains the nerves, soft tissues, and blood vessels that are essential to delivering nutrients to the teeth. And this is usually present in the center of the tooth. 

Types of Teeth and their functions


Incisors type is explained as that you have eight teeth in the front of your mouths such as four on top and four on base. These teeth are useful to bite and chewing the food. Incisor teeth are basically those which easily erupted at the age of 8. 


These are the nest type to develop, and sharp, that is useful to chewing and biting any type of food. These usually develop between 16 and 20 months, also erupt at the age of 9. And then again appear at the age of 12. 


Premolars are also known as bicuspids, these type of teeth are valuable to chewing and grinding food. In addition to this, permanent teeth have four premolars on each side. The premolars are developed at the age of 10. There are three types of molars such as primary, secondary, and third molars, that are basically known as wisdom teeth. 

Moreover, if you are suffering from teeth problems, you must visit the specialist.