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Traditional archery and history re-enactment

Traditional archery and history re-enactment

Archery is derived from our traditional game is also used in the war field later it considered as archery is sports. In archery tag singapore they conduct a tournament. Every team should stay on safety on the other side and if they lose their arrow they offer one more chance within 3 min they need to place their arrow if they enter a safety zone they may free. In the archery sports, they have many rounds according to the age they conduct their rounds. Headshots may count to their round. If they eliminate by any issue they must have a replacement it is considered as a substitute. In this game knock out also available archery tag arrow was specially made all the force on impact making. Through this game, many games are developed like firing knife shoots and many other games are developed. They offer sports dress for this game if they ignore that they will be eliminated in the game. Each player should show their uniqueness and this may lead many rounds and each of them were specialist in some shoot like someone has talent in target shoot and others may be in field shoot. Each and everyone has an opportunity but they need to stand secure. This makes them develop in their field and it leads them to promote the next level like state match and national match for that team must be qualified.

Traditional competitions for archery

Traditional competitions long tradition and their respective countries are

  • Meursault
  • Popinjay
  • Roving mark
  • Wand shoot

Wooden walls are product a path are parallel to the shooting range and directly it shot opposite direction arrow shoot the medieval time to have constantly and arrow quality are black white target mimics the size by the Meursault. The traditional stand with 12feet and the above 90 feet and upward with blunts and flu mast and shoot almost. To dislodge the number of wooden birds. One cock and four hens and a minimum of twenty-four chicks. This a form of archery derived in original from shooting birds on the church steeple. In Henry VII period is the oldest form of competition is Roving marks. To mark the archers is shoot from that mark to another mark. The mark should be aimed at a flag or post. Scoring system for this hitting 20. It requires equipment.

Historical re-enactment

In a historical enactment is a popular event. It combines the audience about archery it means bow arrow and practice drill. It is a competition or demonstration of archery and its general costume period in this period style and most covered period. In archery education, this includes the National archery program has developed a relatively new program has created in United state schools. This is a kind of physical education-related. They allow them to participate in a shoot in state and national competition with other schools it spread to other countries by the united state. . in the united state they established many schools and they have certain requirements to shoot and field archery requirements. And the combat archery is light and heavy weaning amour archer decay shoots at the light and they may shoot at a heavy one.