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The full details about desktop and laptops

The full details about desktop and laptops

If you want to buy a personal computer or laptop you have to understand the difference and also the ranges of those things. You have to compare both of the things and also you need to understand and find the functions of those things. Here, we are going to see the difference between both things completely. The brand lenovo Laptops for Sale in Kenya  are going higher than the other brands and the brands of desktops as well.

Differences between desktop and laptop:


  • There are a lot of components with many varieties are available for the desktop.
  • There are many ranges of prices and sometimes it can be available at low rates.
  • There are many varieties of companies available in the market.
  • You can get the single piece and all the set together with the range starting from 450 dollars.
  • You can find powerful systems in the market and the ranges of help to find from the company side.
  • Desktops are large and are hard to move from one place to another place. It has no choice for portability.
  • This has to be placed in a single place and due to the many parts the portability is very tough in this case of desktops
  • The processer of the desktop is larger compared to the laptops. But in the case, desktop computers are more powerful than laptops.
  • Here are many new varieties of desktop computers that are in the market very soon. The updates are very fast compared to laptops.
  • The internal storage of computers is multiple internal drives.
  • They can connect with many or multiple of the external ports at a time. For example,
  1. USB
  2. Thunderbolt
  3. Card reader
  4. Etc
  • The keyboard arrangements are very large and fill with many items
  • In desktops, we can get many ranges of screens, and compared to the laptops its size is smaller.
  • The repair of the desktop is very much simple and easy than the laptops and the retail shop can be found easily when it comes to desktops.


  • There are many ranges and many options you can pick from the laptops and it has many companies to do the offer.
  • It is having very good qualities in some things like the high speed of working, the graphics system is very highly designed and it can be very easy to work with the laptops.
  • It is quite cheaper than desktops. But though we have many options by those options we can get the laptops from cheap range to very high range equals to the laptops.
  • This is very compact so that it is very easy to portable. Because it is compact.
  • Those are very easy and go to the progress of the laptop is very easy.
  • Its storage occupation is very small and it does not occupy large space due to its structure.
  • It holds the keyboard, mouse, and the outer parts of the computer with itself.