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The Finer Level of Conveyancing at Every Level

The Finer Level of Conveyancing at Every Level

The knot has been finalized. You are moving. Then, of course, you want to sell your property quickly and for a good price. But how do you do that? To start with, you need to hire a good sales broker. But of course, that is easier said than done. On what do you base the choice for a sales broker? What characteristics must this sales broker have? And what about the costs for a sales broker. With online conveyancing you can have the best information. Read our tips and find the right broker:

Look beyond the neighbors’ broker

Do not go directly to the broker who has sold your neighbors’ house, but first looks further. You want to choose the broker that suits you best. Not the broker that best suits someone else. Which brokerage offices do you know? Also, search the internet for an overview of brokers in your area. This way you get a picture of all your options.

Perform a survey of the various brokers

Do you have a list of brokers in your area? Then it’s time to thoroughly investigate these brokers. How do the different brokers present themselves? How do you feel about the broker? Is the broker knowledgeable and accessible? What do you think of the photos that this broker places? Also, check how often you encounter advertisements from this broker. Does the broker advertise through accessible channels? Can potential buyers of your property turn to the broker?

Ask family and friends for advice

After your preliminary investigation, a number of brokerage firms have probably already dropped out. However, there are often many options left. Then you can get a lot of information from the experiences of friends, family, neighbors or colleagues. At which broker did they sell their properties? And what are the experiences with the different brokers?

Make agreements without obligation

Your list of possible brokers has been shortened. At this point, you can invite the various brokers for an informal conversation. Give brokers the opportunity to present them. Suppose that you do business with this broker. What costs can you expect? And are there any additional costs? In addition, the broker can already indicate during such a conversation for which asking price he wants to put your property on sale. And more importantly: during such an informal conversation, the broker has the opportunity to motivate his asking price.

Always follow your feelings

You have researched the brokers in your area and received advice from friends, family and colleagues. The realtors who come out the best have come to you for an exploratory interview. You now know which broker charges which costs and for which asking price he expects to sell your property. At the moment it is important to take your feelings into consideration. Because what do you do if the cheapest broker is hard to reach from the start or if this broker comes across as very inaccurate?

It is important to have a click with your broker

You will maintain a lot of contact with him. Therefore do not opt ​​for the cheapest broker or the broker with the highest asking price as standard, but choose the broker where you feel good. Choose the real estate agent that you think will sell your property in an expert way.