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The Best Options for the Choice of the Leather Bucket bag

The Best Options for the Choice of the Leather Bucket bag

The handbag is one of the accessories inseparable from women’s fashion. It represents the final touch of the woman’s look. Its choice determines the success or failure of the desired effect: sexy, corporate, casual, etc. To choose the right one, each type of woman must follow some advice. Before asking questions about colors and prints, it is recommended to define handbags adapted to the morphology and size of its owner. The use of the leather bucket bag comes perfectly there.

For the Round Woman

A round woman must carry a tote or bowling handbag. The smaller it is, the better. Satchels and bucket handbags are better on a fine morphology. On the size side, keep in mind the proportion of the bag with the one that carries it remains the first concept to remember. But wearing the right handbag for women also means connecting it with the outfit of the day.

Standards during the seasons

Like any fashion accessory, the fashion of the handbag varies according to the season. Black, obviously, remains the master key par excellence for any occasion. Whether it’s a satchel, a bowling alley or a bucket, as long as it’s black, it’s ok. Even nails do not go out of fashion when inlaid on black. However, varying your handbag over the seasons remains a better way to enhance its look and morphology. From spring to summer, make way for prints.

Whether you are more of a boho-chic or rock style, find the pattern that suits your tastes. Rhinestones, sequins, nails, wax, polka dots and even stripes and other textures on which you will succumb, everything goes! However, avoid wearing an outfit with the same patterns on your bag, especially if there are a lot of them. Pair the sequin bag with your mini black evening dress to highlight them both.


Going out in casual mode, bring a touch of wax with your handbag to stand out. If you prefer to stay in the solid, stay in the colors of the season. Spring-summer refers to yellow, pastel, beige, garnet, and even camel and gray. Free to you! In terms of form, the basket is growing. Keep this holiday atmosphere around you for any occasion. For this, opt for a tote or bucket bag. If you love simplicity or you need volume, the backpack will do the trick!

Fall and winter, meanwhile, rhyme with small, mini, and all the other synonyms. The must-have: the shoulder strap. Existing in various colors, in several forms and different materials, there is something for everyone. However, keep in mind that in winter, you have to bet on discretion. In order to satisfy the female gender, the wearing of shoulder straps can now be declined according to your desires: on the shoulder, under the arm, etc.

To stay in minimalism, the round bag also melts into the ideals in the evening. Since the sun is not often there, create light with the silver or gold bags. It’s classic but suitable for all types of winter look. Bet everything on metal accessories: handles, eyelets and others.

If you prefer pearls, this is also a very good idea. The color rule also applies in autumn and winter. Camel, beige, burgundy, dark blue, please stay in color. One last point to remember: avoid associating the color of your shoes with that of your handbag.