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The best of SEO with the Adwords and More

The best of SEO with the Adwords and More

Experts emphasize that for small businesses it is enough to choose a technically sound and advanced publishing system, such as WordPress and the basic blocks of technical optimization are in order. It is more important to invest in content. From the google adwords expert you can find the best deals now.

How to measure progress?

To begin with, experts will use the analytics tool to track visitor traffic to your company’s website. Analytics gives you insight into the website. Without it, the job will be a guess. With analytics, you know who visits the site, what he does, where it comes from, and how long you enjoy it.

The free Google Analytics tool provided by Google is relatively easy to install and has a guide in English. Another good Google tool is the Search Console. This is the only way to know what people have typed in the Google search box after they clicked on your site in the search results.

Google AdSense for search engine marketing has a Keyword Planner tool for selecting keywords. It allows you to see your keyword search volumes and find new keyword ideas. If you do not spend money on search engine marketing, the tool does not show exact search volumes, but the volume of the fork.

You can then use the suggestion tool. It tells you the keyword search volume you want and gives you keyword ideas.

How do I choose the right keywords?

Now you know what tools to use. But how do you know which keywords to use? One basic thing first: a keyword is one or two words or even a phrase. Ask your friends that if they were looking for your service, what they would write to Google.

The expert also advises on conducting rival research. To see what your competitors are doing and what words they are leading in the search results. You should also be specific about your keywords. With keywords that are too generic, you may not be rising in the search results or finding the right customers. Example: If you are a beautician, a good keyword pair might be a beautician. The search volume may be lower than the generic keyword cosmetologist or the rather broad keyword pair cosmetologist, but your phone may ring more.

How do I optimize my search engine?

Use the keyword of your choice in these elements:

  • Headline
  • Page URL
  • Intermediate headlines
  • At the beginning of the body text
  • Along with the body text, but the text still sounds natural and is good English

In picture: picture name, alternative name, and caption and picture description. For the latter three, write a short sentence that includes the keyword. An example if the keyword is Wedding Makeup: Here’s an example of the wedding makeup we do.

Remember these rules of thumb:

Google understands the pronunciation of English words. It is good to have the keyword appear at least a few times. But don’t spam it, Google doesn’t value it. Google’s search engine robot only understands the text. So do not write your content in pictures or use only videos.

Remember the links. Google appreciates your service to the reader and providing them with more content. Embed links to your other content on the page. You can also redirect a visitor to external pages if relevant. In this case, remember to put the link in a new tab.