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Survival Prep Store- An Emergency User

Survival Prep Store- An Emergency User

The Survival Prep Store is a place where the things which are needed in an emergency are provided here. The basic requirement of a human being is food, clothing and shelter. They are ready with the supplies of materials needed during the earthquake or any other natural hazards.

Survival Kit

It is a basic thing that everyone can possess which helps at the time of emergency. Survival kit provides food and shelter even in dense forest. Even in remote locations also these survival kit helps to make them safe and warm. These stores are available in cities also. They supply, materials during war or any other need of emergency. It is easy to carry on shoulders. The kit is placed in a shoulder bag which comprises all the essential needs of survival.

There are 5 different types of kits available

Mini Survival Kit

It is otherwise called Altoids. It is a small kit which comprises the types of equipment like knife, compass, matches, candle, plastic bags and some of the basic tools necessary for survival. An instruction book is also available with fid Aid Techniques and precautions. Lightweight but quality materials are used to reduce the weight of the bag.

Emergency Kit

An emergency kit is specially designed for the survival of 72hours.it helps the people to survive 72hrs after a disaster like a tempest, earthquake, etc. military people use these kits during the battlefield. It helps them to survive in a pathetic situation when nobody is nearby. From water to cell phone charger, everything is available in the kit. At present, it includes N95 masks to books are available.

Lifeboat survival kit

This is also an important kit. It helps to rescue from a tempest or any other dangers in the sea. A single bag helps six persons. It includes Water, Emergency rations, First aid kit, 36 anti-seasickness tablets, bailer, sponges, signaling mirror, repair kit, sickness bags, thermal survival blankets, leak stoppers, sunscreen, drinking cup, fishing kit, sea anchor and line, flashlights with extra batteries and bulbs, hand flares, scissors, parachute rocket, Table of life-saving signals, Survival instructions and smoke signal.

Military Kits

Military kits differ from areas such as tropical areas, desert areas, arctic areas and other weather conditioned areas. Some of the things may increase or decrease according to the climatic condition. For example, in desert areas, the quantity of sunscreen will be 3 bottles in number where it is in tropical areas it is low but it includes mosquito mat and replants.

Spacecraft Kit

It is very different when compared with other kits. It includes radio, Apollo program, machete, Survival pistol, parachute, food, warm clothing, rope, shotgun cartridges and so on.

Vehicle Kit

It is used in heavily loaded trucks, it includes rice, wheat, beans and necessary energy-giving foods, fruits, cooking utensils, powdered milk, soap, towels and some medicines needed for an emergency. Medical supplies include a thermometer, stethoscope, scissors, bandages, antibiotic medicines, burning ointment, etc. it also includes an emergency light, fuses, fan belt, power inverter, etc.


It is also called a Go-Kit, it is very useful for human beings to tackle their life at the time of emergency or crisis. These kits are the supplement to spare life at the crucial moment. Finally, the Prep Store helps a lot to save the people at the time of crisis and crucial times.