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Sure Shot Tricks to Crack NAATi CCL Test

As this test is trending, people are more inclined towards knowing the pattern of this test along with its relevance in obtaining permanent residency. This test has two sections which carry equal weightage to the overall score. As this exam requires proficiency in both languages one being English and other is Language Other Than English (LOTE). However, being a part of Australian culture, immigrants are quite familiar with English also, so the main concern is to know the strategies that are applicable to crack this NAATI-CCL test.

There are four magical tricks that can lead to successful completion of your test.

  • Generate your note taking shortcuts:

As your test includes a lot of oral sentences dictated to you that you need to translate in the required language, thus there is a need to come up with your own ways noting down the information. For example, writing “popln” for the full word population. Similarly, generating your own graphics for some words can help you to take more notes with accuracy such as using upwards arrow denoting increase.

  • Use only English for notes:

While taking notes for the given segment in English which is required to be translated into LOTE, students tend to write them in LOTE. This practice can delay your note taking and you may end-up missing some part of your segment which is considered as major omission.

Therefore, prefer to take all your notes in English than in LOTE.

  • Importance of bell:

Never start giving your answer before the bell rings, which means that the examiner has given you some seconds to think before you interpret. Do not give long pauses before you start speaking, but never be in haste to begin because sometimes it can jumble your subject verb agreement of that language.

  • Importance of sorry correction and repeat:

As this test includes two languages being interpreted at the same time, a student can have some incorrect sentence formations to begin any answer. It is advisable to them that if this happens you can say “correction” and can repeat that segment of answer again to avoid giving incorrect answers. Also, NAATI-CCL test allows you to listen to one segment again in each dialogue twice. This can be used at times when your segment is long or contains some figures because omission is counted as a major mistake and must be avoided.