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Some Commonly Asked Questions About Egg Freezing

Some Commonly Asked Questions About Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is the option available to women who plan to get pregnant in the future but first want to focus on their career. the choice is best as its results help in increasing the success rate of pregnancy. in this guide, we have shared some common questions related to it.

Many people delay their pregnancy so that they can focus on their career first and then start a family. No doubt, being a mother is the best feeling and you might have planned how you will manage everything. But is there any way in which you can preserve your fertility. Certainly, yes with the option of egg freezing. 

Egg Freezing

In the past few years, egg freezing has become a popular option in India and many other countries. Generally, it is recommended to women who are at risk of serious diseases as their treatment can affect fertility. Like the cancer treatment can affect your chances to conceive in the future. But, with egg freezing the problem can be solved whether you want to focus on your career or going to undergo the treatment. This way in the future who can plan everything with any issue. By saving the eggs at the right time as they are of good quality will make everything easy. 

Below are some of the common questions related to egg freezing.

What is the method of egg freezing?

Firstly, the doctor will evaluate your health and give you medication to bypass your period. Additionally, hormonal injections will be given which will stimulate the ovaries and this will be done for 2 weeks. You also have to visit the doctor for regular checkups. Once the eggs have matured they will be retrieved from the ovaries with the same process which is done in IVF treatment.  

How many eggs can be frozen?

There is no definite number to get the eggs frozen. Also, not all the eggs which are there can be used in the future whenever you wish to use them. Based on health and success rate the doctor will recommend between 10 to 30 eggs. According to reports, if more than 8 eggs are frozen then chances of pregnancy are doubled. You can consult our lady doctor Moga about your plans and they will guide you accordingly. 

How long will the eggs stay frozen?

Even for this, there is no such guideline. The best option is to conceive before the age of 35 because at that time the fertility is at its peak but after the start, it will start declining gradually. If your eggs are healthy the chances will also increase. 

How much is the success rate with egg freezing?

This certainly depends on what age you got the eggs frozen. If you got the eggs frozen at the age of 30 then chances would be high as compared to those who got them frozen at 35. With 8 eggs the chances are around 46%.

Who can opt for the method of egg freezing?

Any woman who wants to get pregnant later in life.

Unfortunately, women who have to go through cancer treatment or any other which can affect their fertility.

Women who went through multiple frozen IVF cycles can get this freeze eggs and use it for subsequent cycles at low cost.
If you have any questions you can visit our IVF centre and discuss your problem with our gynae in Moga.