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Reasons your indexed pages are going down

Getting the web pages indexed by Google is an important part or any other major search engine. Pages that are not indexed will not rank. Google is not liking your webpage when they are not indexed or your page is not easy to crawl. This guide will help you know the top reasons why index pages are going down.

Without the webpage indexation of Google, there is no way natural search results will get the ranking. If the number drops then there are the different reasons behind that. But, how you can see the pages which are indexed:

  • Use the site: Operator
  • Check the XML Sitemap Submissions status in Google Search Console.
  • Monitor the overall indexation status

The count declines due to :

  • You are given a Google penalty.
  • Google thinks the page is not relevant
  • Google is not able to crawl the page

Well, it is difficult for the business owner to determine such changes so make sure that you hire the experts from the SEO company to determine what should be done.

Tips to know the reason and fix the issue of low indexed page

Are the pages loading in the right manner?

It is important to have 200 HTTP Header Status. Is your server having downtime for a long frequent or long time? Was your domain expired but you renewed it late?

You should hire the experts of SEO in Ludhiana as they will help to identify the issues in the right way.

Fixing the problem

Proper status can be checked by using the free checking tool for HTTP header status. For massive sites the best crawling tools are:

  • Botify
  • DeepCrawl
  • Screaming Frog
  • Xenu

200 is right for header status. If you get errors like 3xx (excluding 301), 4xx, or 5xx errors then it is not the best choice for the URLs you want to index.

Is the Duplicate content issue fixed?

To fix the duplicate issue you need to implement 301 redirects, canonical tags, disallows in robots.txt, or noindex data tags. These issues can decline the index pages.

Fixing the problem

This thing is great for your site. But you need to check that this is the main reason and nothing else.

Did you change the URLs recently?

In some cases, the change in CMS, server setting, or backend programming will change the domain, subdomain, or folder can change the site URL. Search engines are aware of the old URL but when they are not directed in the right way then the pages will be de-indexed.

Fixing the problem

Visiting the old site copy or form in some way will address all the old URLs to solve the issue.

Is your site seen differently by the search engine bots?

In some cases, the search engine spider will see the site in a different way. When the site is built without knowing the SEO complications it will create an issue. In some cases, they do content cloaking so that the search engine can be changed. Other times might be the site is hacked due to a different page is shown to Google or it gets redirected to their site.

Fixing the problem

In this case, the Google Search Console fetch and render feature can help. Another way is to get the page translated in Google translate or identify the Googles cached page.