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Power derived from the utilization of physical and chemical energy

Power derived from the utilization of physical and chemical energy

Energy is a concept that should summarize the probable for reason changes. Energy is the cause of many changes. The most definition of energy is the work that a certain force. Energy is all-round of source and all sorts of forms. There are many Power to Choose , some common energies are chemical, electrical, gravitational, heat, light, motion, potential, etc. This energy is the most common power in the world. This energy is a very essential day to day activity. Heat energy and light energy are essential for every action. Without heat energy and light energy, people cannot survive the world. Light energy is observed from the sun. Sun is the natural energy producer. Gravitational energy is the basis of the earth. Without gravitation, energy earth is not done their daily activity. Sun and earth is the natural gravity energy source. Gravity is the fundamental source of human beings. Without gravitation people not have the ability to lead a life.

Physical system

Energy is the capacity of a physical system to do work. In the modern world without energy people cannot lead a life. The common symbol of the energy is the letter E. the standard is the joule. Symbolize by J. some other energy results from the equivalent of newton, displacement, potential energy, etc. potential energy sometimes symbolizes U. kinetic energy is observable as the motion of an object. Energy is used in every object. Without energy, people cannot lead to life easily. In every electronic equipment, we use electric energy. Without electric energy, people cannot survive the world. The main energy consumer is the sun. The sun is the cause of power for the majority of existence on earth. It obtains its force largely for nuclear fusion. Mass and energy are closely related. Living organisms require energy to stay alive.


There are some basic forms of energy. That is lightning energy, electric potential energy, sound energy, thermal energy, kinetic energy. These are some basics of energy. This energy helps to survive the earth and mankind. Lightning energy is taken from the lighting. This gives the electric source to develop energy. Lighting energy is also natural energy. There is no extra need to require energy. Lightning energy is one of the best energy sources from nature. Another kind of energy is sound energy this energy is observed from the thunder. Thunder is the best sound producer naturally. Sound energy is the best energy producer. This is also called thermal energy. The total energy of a system can be classified into potential energy. Lightning energy and sound energy is observed naturally. Gravity energy is the basis of every other energy. Without gravity, the earth didn’t work. Without gravity other energy is not working. These two categories are very essential for every energy source. Mechanical energy is one of the best energy sources. Without mechanic energy, all technical equipment was not usable. In the modern world, mechanic equipment is essential for every people. Electric energy is the boost for every mechanic energy. Mechanic energy is the sum of macroscopic translation and rotational kinetic and potential energies. The word energy is derived from ancient Greek.