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Neck Lift or Liposuction: Which One To Choose?

With the technological advancement people are focusing on enhancing their looks and appearance. Well, there are different procedures which the person can opt for. When you choose the best surgeon they will help you choose the right method. In this guide, we are going to focus on two main important procedures which are liposuction and neck lift.

With age, the body starts getting saggy which drastically improves the facial features. Well, in some cases even at a young age people can encounter some issues. People often get worried that they will look old and this will make them less attractive.

One of the most difficult areas of the body is neck to sculpt. At times even diet and exercise do not help in the right way to solve the issue.

Genetics, the aging process, and weight gain can contribute to fat amount in excess, or the person can loose & hanging skin on the neck. If you are looking to improve the jawline and neck appearance then you need to know 2 important procedures like liposuction and neck lift. Make sure that you learn about the procedures from the best plastic surgeon as they will help to achieve the desired goals in the right way.

How liposuction is helpful?

If you are facing the issue of double chin then liposuction surgery is the best choice. You need to keep in mind this procedure is not weight loss as it is just for treating obesity.

The surgery will not help in removing the stretch marks, dimples, or cellulite.

This procedure is effective in improving the aesthetics and enhancing body contour.

In the surgery, tiny incisions are made in which the stubborn fat is eliminated underneath the chin so that it helps in creating sharp jawline and a clean neck.

Overall health is important

In almost every procedure the patient’s health is kept in mind. No doubt, the procedure is very helpful in altering the body shape but patients must have a healthy lifestyle so that there are no complications and risks.

So, it is clear that to improve the facial areas proportionately and attractively this option is best.

How the neck lift is helpful?

It is essential to keep in mind if you want to improve the skin laxity or neckline jowls then this procedure is not going to work in the best way. If the neck has an appearance of stretched and loose skin which is often called turkey skin then neck lift is an ideal choice for the patients.

Patients who have undergone dramatic weight loss and they lost the skin elasticity along with its firmness then this procedure is effective. The neck lift procedure is going to make the skin tight and the skin is re-draped by giving it a better appearance. The final results of this procedure are best as you get the younger and leaner neck.

Is it best to combine both the procedures?

No doubt, both the procedures work in their way along with its benefits. In some cases, it is ideal to combine the liposuction and neck lift procedure to get the desired results. Also, make sure you choose a well-known and experienced surgeon.

You should work with your surgeon as they will understand your condition first and examine the chin and neck. Additionally, your desired results will be kept in mind to give you the best treatment plan.