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Lawn Care At Its Best for You Now

Lawn Care At Its Best for You Now

To stop complaining that the lawn is always greener at your neighbor’s house, we offer you easy tips to properly maintain the lawn. Who said that the maintenance of your land should be complicated? Our tips for keeping the grass green and full will amaze you. For the best lawn care this is important.

Don’t cut too short

To have a very green lawn, it is advisable not to cut it too short. This is a classic mistake. When the grass is short, its defects are more apparent and you expose it more to the sun. Your lawn may dry out faster. By mowing the grass at a height between 8 and 10 centimeters, it will be more beautiful and greener. Also, the seeds of unwanted plants will thus be less exposed to the sun and may not grow.

Mow regularly

Obviously, if you leave the lawn longer, you will have to mow it more regularly. You should mow it at least once a week and, if possible, 4 to 5 days. The final rule: more often and shorter. In this way, you will have a beautiful green courtyard.

Track the weather

It is not advisable to mow your lawn when it is wet. So, even if it is tempting to rush as soon as the sun appears after two days of rain, do not rush. Wait until your lawn is dry. Also, avoid mowing in the early morning when it is still full of dew. Thus, your lawn will be less damaged by an uneven cut due to humidity which prevents impeccable work.

Water well

Watering is an important step, even essential if you want a lawn to green your neighbors. If the weather does not take care of good watering, it is necessary to do it yourself, and this, on a regular basis. For a new lawn, it is necessary to water for about one hour each area. However, you must check the regulations issued by your city regarding watering.

Use express compost

No more chore of picking up cut grass. Here’s a perfect tip for lazy gardeners. Do not pick up the grass cut by your mower and leave the residue on your lawn if it is not too dry, of course. You will have the most natural fertilizer. Your lawn feeds on nutrients from cut grass.

Sow to hide

Even if your lawn has been in place for years, there are often areas that are more thinning or that have turned yellow. By scattering grass seed on your property, just before a rain warning and you will see that your lawn will then be denser, more provided, greener. Add a little soil or compost and voila. Also, don’t forget that unity is strength.

Mix different seeds for a better and healthier lawn. Get advice from the nursery to find out which seeds to choose according to your region, sunshine and soil type. Alliances of different types of grass offer better resistance because each one has its strengths and its particularities.

Don’t declare war

Don’t make a fix to make it sleepless on unwanted guests on your lawn. Do not declare a fierce war on various weeds and the countless dandelions. If you tear off these junk too violently, you risk damaging your lawn. You draw with such ardor that you are drilling your ground. Go slowly and no, wildly. Avoid letting off steam on your property.