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Is temper glass a must for mobile phones?

Is temper glass a must for mobile phones?

The world is filled with nearer to 8 billion people. Among those half of the people have their mobile phones in their hands. And year passing the smartphone users are also rising day by day. Every mobile, even it is normal or a smartphone it costs above a thousand in cost. So to protect the mobile we used to cover a tempered gorilla glass for the screen protection. If the phone falls by mistake the tempered glass will protect the inner screen of the phone.

The first tempered glass was introduced in the year 1968 by Schlegel. First, it is tested for television to protect the screen. After it is altered for smartphones also. To protect the mobile phones the user will put both back and front cover for his mobile. Both the covers should be strong.

The high costs mobiles like apple and other brands needed high protection for the screen so for apple screen the iphone screen protector in bulk  is used. It gives extra protection than gorilla glasses. The thickness of the normal gorilla glasses is .4 millimeter.

The full glue screen is also a type of tempered glass. With the help of glue, it is fixed on the screen. The glue that is used to cover the screen is one usable it cannot be reused again.

There are many ways to protect the mobile screen the first way is to use the tempered glass. And the second way we can use plastics to protect the screen is made by using chemicals like polyethylene (PET) terephthalate. The anti-glare is also a kind of tempered glass it helps to reduce the light that comes from the mobile phone.

The tempers do not only help the mobile screen it also protects the human eye from the white light of the phone. When we see the smartphone through our naked eye it may damage our eye. Soon the person will affect eye pain.

One plus type smartphones have launched their phone in 3d screening. So for this kind of phone, the tempers should be curved. Or else the side screen may damage. This type of tempers gives a 3-dimensional view of the user.

Among the best temper glasses, privacy type screen protecting tempers is a common one. It contains anti-glare protection in it. Many of the iPhone users prefer privacy tempers for their IOS phones.

For some mobile phones, while unboxing the phone, we can find an unattached temper in the box. Only in some brand, they offer free mobile temper in it. Choosing a temper for your phone should be always good. Because if the temper is weak in the protection it affects the mobile screen when the phone hits or fell anywhere. It costs less to change temper if it is cracked.

But when the screen got damaged the whole screen body is removed and a new one should be fixed. It costs high and takes more time. Just ten minutes enough to replace the tempered glass. Every temper will not be in the same size and same quantity it differs according to the brand and quantity.