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International migration to Spain

International migration to Spain

There are some major things we have to do when you move to Spain in that the very most important thing is the documents.

  • The documents are always essential in all the countries but in Spain, there are many strict rules and regulations are following by them so the document and the form should be filled properly by the migrants.
  • This is not only for the people who shift their country to live it is also applicable for the people who are all going for universities, Ph.D. students, tourists, and majorly for the people who are going for temporary work. ThoughMudanza a España and clearing the verification is a little hard, it is one of the best countries to live with.

Documents that required:

  • Passport with validation
  • Original’s of valid visa
  •  Residence permit
  • Work permit
  • Employment certification
  • Changing the residence certificate [this requires the signature of the consulate of Spain and with the proper date and sign of the customer
  • Attestation
  • Proof of the residence of Spain [this should include the proper resident contract of the lease and the bills of utility]
  • Electrical items should be shown separately with the proper brand and serial names in it
  • Address of Spain with clear landmark
  • Inventory validation of Spain [ includes date and sign]
  • The professional transfer letter with the date and that should indicate them to stay abroad

These are the major documents that one needs to be with when they planned to shift to Spain.

  • There are some major customer regulations one can access if they are going to stay in Spain. When the person does not stay in the European Union more than one year before the shifting to Spain then they can access some customs regulation and that are listed below,
  • When they stayed outside the EU for more than a year then they can take the import the goods either it is personal or household with no tax and it is duty-free.
  •  This makes many people feel comfortable to come to Spain without spending lots of money on their goods and services.
  • The shipment of the services can arrive maximum within a year from the date that they are shifted from the place.
  •  It will be noted on the document copy of the shipment.

There is some list of prohibited items also there that is under the compulsory checking category. Let us discuss them,

  • Paints
  • Polishes
  • Cleaning solvents or solutions
  • Drugs
  • Plants
  • Ivory
  • The skin of any animal
  • Materials that are pornographic
  • Explosives
  • Counterfeit notes or goods

If one carries these items then they will be taken into charge by the police in the airport. There will be a strict checking in the airport and every transit. So people shouldn’t take all these things with them. Even the people who carry the money more than they listed in the form will also be under the black mark and sometimes people will go under the block list.