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How Alcohol addiction impacts Damage on Brain?

Excessive consumption of alcohol is not safe for overall health. Many studies have shown that long-term heavy alcohol consumption can affect the brain. Due to this, certain regions in the brain can shrink which impacts brain function. Read the given topic to learn alcohol addiction can damage the brain.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption will result in Brain Damage

When a person drinks alcohol in excess the problem can reach to the point that the person is not able to stand straight. The person can face problems standing straight when their eyes are closed or it is dark.

Additionally, excessive alcohol consumption can result in deficits in the brain function which means they are not able to do work in order, cannot solve the problem, or issue with working memory.

Studies which have been done on the brain damage due to alcoholism have shown that it results in greater deficits in balance and executive function when the brain function components are compared.

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Relation between executive and balance function

When the research was done to find what exactly the issue is they found that there is a link between the prefrontal cortex and deficits in the cerebellum. Through the study, it was known that the cerebellum volume got shrinked which was linked to executive function.

In simple terms, the alcoholic had issues with balance and the problem of executive function deficits was very high.

Additionally, the cerebellum got shrinked which helps in controlling the balance and this also impacted the ability to manipulate the 2D and 3D figures correctly.

Alcohol consumption also damaged the Circuitry

One of the studies was done on the deficits due to the lesions found in the prefrontal cortex and the cerebellum because the brain circuitry got damaged. These 2 regions help to communicate with each other but they are likely to get shrinked due to alcohol abuse.

In the past, MRI studies have shown that alcohol consumption can result in volume deficits in the vermis, cerebellar hemispheres, pons, thalamus, parietal cortex, and prefrontal cortex.

Circuitry Deficits increase the problem

One of the studies was done on the front-to-cerebellar circuitry of the brain. In the study around 25 non-amnesic alcoholic men were included. They all have excessive nodes of circuitry which resulted in volume deficits due to excessive alcohol consumption.

It was found that the brain circuit disruption can affect the brain which resulted in frontal cortex shrinkage along with cerebellum. This happened due to circuitry getting interrupted or the abnormalities found in the individual nodes.

The study also found that the prefrontal cortex can be significantly affected through the effect on the brain circuitry. This problem can result in a lack of balance and there is a loss of executive function.

The problem can be controlled when the person quits alcohol consumption at the right time. Just make sure to seek medical help at the right time from the best doctor and live your life peacefully.